Let us help you manage your business accounts and save you time and effort! With Tax Navigator, you can focus on what you do best – run a business, meet clients and build teams.
Our bespoke accounting services are designed to facilitate you in fulfilling your company goals and achieving your financial targets.

How We Can Help

Tax Navigator offers a wide range of accounting and taxation services to UK-based companies, small businesses and self-employed individuals. Our customers can count on professional advice and confidential consultation that provide reliable answers to their specific business needs.

  • Tired of your day job? – We will guide you to make the right decision on how to run your business – as a sole trader or by forming a company.
  • A follow-up assistance with starting out – Tax Navigator is an expert in helping you register your business with the appropriate authorities in the UK.
  • Ongoing support with your day-to-day financial affairs – Whether you find bookkeeping a bore or your payroll is always run somewhat late, we can help!
  • Virtual business management solutions with Xero – Tax Navigator works with Xero to make doing business a pleasure for UK-based customers. Online accounting has never been easier!
  • Accounting Assistance – Company year end accounts preparation requires diligence and expertise. Your statutory accounts submission is in good hands with Tax Navigator, irrespective to whether you own a dormant company or a fully active business.
  • No need to overpay tax – We will optimise your tax position and ensure that you take advantage of all the allowances and tax breaks your business is eligible for. Your VAT return, Corporate tax return and Self assessment tax return will be prepared accurately and on time with us.
  • Avoid penalties from HMRC – Keeping track of nearly 40 deadlines per year, depending on your business activity, which the UK tax regulator has put in place, can be an overwhelming task. We can communicate with HMRC on your behalf, file forms and returns on time and appeal against incorrectly issued penalty notices if required.
  • A dedicated accountant – Choose from our specially formulated accounting packages if you are self-employed or a limited company owner. We offer complete accounting and taxation services, which include a dedicated accountant, a qualified representation before HMRC, as well as a professional fee protection insurance, in the event of an enquiry from the tax authorities.

Who We can Help

Tax Navigator specialises in assisting mainly small business entities with their accounting and taxation needs. We are also happy to provide advice to any individual who is unsure of how to approach and realise their business ideas. Tax Navigator will consult you on whether you are better off starting your business as a sole trader or if registering a limited company is more suited to your entrepreneurial venture.

Our qualified accountants boast experience with helping proactively self-employed individuals, startup companies and established fast-growing businesses alike. We are a modern and technologically-minded accounting practice, which strives to aid UK-based businesses on their path to growth and development by saving them money and time. We believe that cloud-based solutions are leading the way to the new future of accounting and business management. Hence, most of our customers embrace Xero and never turn back.