VAT Returns

There’s no need to struggle with the complex nature of the VAT returns system. Tax Navigator will handle all of your input and output VAT calculations and quarterly submissions to HMRC on your behalf. We already provide a VAT returns service for dozens of London businesses and others throughout the UK.

Acting as your registered representative with the tax authorities, we’ll save you the valuable time and money you’d otherwise be spending on this complex process yourself. That’s on top of helping you avoid costly penalties and meet all of your statutory obligations too.

If you are not registered for VAT, we can help you register quickly and easily. Our tax returns service is ideal for all sizes of business.

Why use our VAT returns service?

We’ll optimise your tax position by maintaining an up-to-date record of your sales and purchases from the previous VAT period.

You’ll be able to relax and focus your efforts on growing your business while we ensure that your company benefits from the financial advantages of being on the most favourable VAT scheme for your business.

The professional VAT return service we provide comes with:

  • Assistance with the online VAT registration process

  • Accurate setup of your account and correct maintenance of your financial records

  • Representation and correspondence with HMRC on your behalf

  • Accurate input VAT and output VAT calculations

  • Submitting your VAT returns online in a timely manner

  • VAT de-registration assistance, should you need it

  • Acting in your best interest to ensure that you do not overpay or underpay your VAT duties

Of course, if you need additional accounting expertise on top of help navigating the VAT system, we have several all-in-one accounting packages which will meet your needs.

When to Register for VAT – Tax Navigator London explains

Tax Navigator will advise you on the best VAT scheme for your business and notify you when you are liable for VAT registration.

The three most popular VAT schemes are:

  1. Standard

  2. Cash Accounting

  3. The Flat Rate Scheme

It is mandatory for sole traders and companies to register for VAT when your turnover exceeds or is likely to go over the current threshold of £83,000 for the given VAT period.

However, some businesses may have reasons to opt for voluntary VAT registration despite their turnover being below the threshold. For instance, if you mainly sell goods or services to VAT-registered sole traders and companies, then you will be eligible for claiming back the VAT on all business expenditures you incur. Again, our team of consultants will provide you with advice on whether you are better off registering for VAT even if your business does not reach the current threshold.

Speak with an expert today

Contact us whenever you require a professional VAT system consultation. We will navigate you through the difficult waters of HRMC’s VAT regulations with ease.

You can read some of our UK customers’ reviews below:

I’ve been working as a self-employed window cleaner for over two years and always had trouble getting my self assessment return done on time and filled correctly. A mate of mine recommended your accountants and I have to say, no regrets whatsoever. Thanks, guys, for being so easy going but professional at the same time. I never knew that there were ways to save on tax through claiming legit expenses. Cheers!

John-Paul Mayers

Irus Household Solutions ltd has been working with Tax Navigator for almost a year and a half now with no issues whatsoever! The staff is always friendly, prompt and willing to assist in any needed way. Everything is done in time and with no hassle at all. Pricing is also very reasonable. I don't think I'd trust any other accounting company this much, so I highly recommend using their services!

Iskren Ruskov, Irus Household Ltd

We been employed in UK but got tired from work for someone and decided that we must to try to work for us. We are Polish and my wife was very good baker. And we open a small cake shop in London but the papers and documents for the business are very hard to understand. And Tax Navigator help us very much. Your prices are very good and it is included with everything that the shop need in the accountancys. We don’t write very much English and it was very good that you write for us on HMRC. It is very nice to work business with you. Thank you

Barbara Fernandes, Agnieszka and Vaclav Wisniewski

The partnership between „Gelma Services Ltd”, the company I represent, and „Tax Navigator” started about 8 months ago. At the beginning when choosing them I relied mostly on my intuition as both companies have been quite new. However, for me, our first few conversations appeared to be enough to decide to trust their team. Here are some of the main reasons to believe that my choice of tax and accounting consultant was right: + The unquestionable competence of the executive team + Clear and comprehensive response to all my queries + They deal quickly and competently with all the specific issues of their work field That is more than enough for me to remain a satisfied client of “Tax Navigator”.

George Marinkov, Gelma Services Ltd

My daughter persuaded me to look for online accounting services for our family cleaning business and I checked out the Xero software. It all seemed self-explanatory, on their site, but there was a problem convincing our accountant to use it, too. Conservative as he is, he simply refused to accept that I would no longer need to send him my records on a spreadsheet and toil for hours just so it is convenient for him. Well, we parted amicably, as soon as I found you, nice people. Great to work with young professionals, who are technologically-minded and more importantly - Xero experts. So much time on my hands now, thanks to you!

Mr. Philip Campo

It is a great relief to find affordable help with my bookkeeping, which I’ve always found excruciating to deal with. Your accountant Iva is very friendly, competent and helpful. I would bother her with all sorts of questions but she is always there with the right answer. Thank you, Iva! Great service, Tax Navigator! Will recommend.

Jenny Fowler, Works at My Own Business