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What does payroll mean? Basically, this refers to the business employees you pay, alongside other employee information. It’s your company’s financial list of salaries, net pay, bonuses, and deductions advising of the amount paid out for employee services within a set period of time.

Every business that has employees needs a payroll process. And there are many payroll providers to choose from. Using a payroll system simplifies the payment to your full-time, part-time, and freelance staff. See how to select Payroll providers here…

Payroll Types

There are several options for payroll handling and these include:

Bookkeepers – often used by smaller businesses with few employees with the bookkeeper keeping track of finances and preparing accounts. This position is typically in-house, but you can outsource the position.

In-house – an in-house accounting department with a team equipped with company knowledge and the ability to make necessary changes, is another solid option.

Online payroll – there’s an entire range of online services you can use enabling you to input data and process the payroll yourself, but this can be quite time-consuming.

Software – payroll software also needs time for data inputting, but the advantage is that automated software options save time on processing everything compared with the online service. Bear in mind that the software will need to be properly maintained in order to prevent potential errors.

Payroll Services

Payroll service providers differ in what they actually offer. You’ll need to do a little research and look for recommendations and good online reviews for experienced payroll providers. Make payroll service providers comparison for:

  • An easy-to-use system: you need to be able to understand the operation and run it in minutes.
  • Integrations: whether these are built-in or created they need to sync with the programmes you already have in use.
  • Reasonable fees: you want the best service at affordable rates, preferably without long-term contracts, and the option to pay monthly or pay period.
  • Protection: find out what security measures are in place to keep your business payroll data safe and secure, and protect it from potential breaches.
  • Support: you should be able to get help and advice whenever you need it.
  • Additional services: are more services than payroll offered such as retirement plans, and human resources.

Payroll Benefits

With a fully-functional payroll service in operation, you can spend more time focusing on the growth and success of your business. Other advantages of using a payroll service are:

  • Accuracy – payroll firms will process your payroll precisely and always on time
  • Expediency – information can quickly and easily be updated by email or via an online portal
  • Submission – payroll companies will ensure you comply with all legalities

Keep on Top of Your Payroll

Why not consider getting your business payroll handled by external payroll services? Specialist accountants from trusted payroll services in London will comply with all HMRC regulations, keep you up-to-date with any changes in legislation, and meet all of your payroll obligations on time.

You’ll learn how to operate web-based payroll solutions, and have an accurate PAYE system setup. You’ll never miss an HMRC deadline when you get professional help with your financial responsibilities.

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