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What is Xero? It’s online accounting software that’s designed to help small businesses with daily financial affairs. It connects with your business bank account so you can identify every transaction – keeping your records up to date at all times.

As Xero runs in the cloud you can track your finances on any device as it’s fully mobile, enabling you to run your business from anywhere. Technically-advanced accounting solutions mean your data is secure and not dependant on hardware storage devices.

Switching to Xero accounting in the UK is generally easy and straightforward. See how to switch to Xero here…

Xero benefits

The world of Xero accounting will provide you with:

  • A fully compliant HRMC recognised and approved VAT software system
  • Easily-accessed real-time accounting from your desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • Enhanced cash flow with the set-up of automatic payments and invoices
  • Automatic back-ups performed so your data is always safe
  • Monitoring of selected accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions all just a click away
  • Industry-standard data security encryption with a comprehensive network defence and secure protection of Xero’s servers and data centres
  • Growth opportunities as Xero is real-time intuitive software able to identify better financial stability

Xero challenges

Moving to your new Xero software may bring a few problems, but these are easily rectified. They typically involve:

  • Opening balances that aren’t ready due to an incomplete financial year or outstanding money owed by clients. You may have to slightly adjust as you finalise these details.
  • Inaccurate transfer information meaning you may have to add or delete certain entries to ensure your conversion goes smoothly.
  • Changing the software in the middle of the financial year may be a little more complex and end up with you needing professional help.
  • Having to take the time to learn all about the content in order to get to know about features and benefits.
  • Considering investing in some training to work through operating Xero in the most effective way for your business.

Xero trials

If you’re unsure whether Xero is going to work for your business why not consider getting Xero free trials for 30 days? You can also get free online demonstrations with 30-day no-commitment trials. You’ll have access to all features enabling you to make an informed decision.

Xero costs

How much is Xero? Pricing plans often include the first three months of expenses free for one user. Additional users will be charged at £2.50 per user per month. Once this has ended the standard pricing will apply. You’ll generally receive an invoice at the end of the month, and payment taken using the details entered when you purchased the subscription.

There are three plans to choose from:

  • Starter plan costing £10 per month
  • Standard plan costing £24 per month
  • Premium plan costing £30 per month

Xero experts

If you need help with your conversion simply find a custom taxation and accounting service in London that has a Xero certified advisor! You’ll get a comprehensive help to set up Xero and with transferring your manual records and spreadsheets. With guidance on the right add-ons and all the support and advice you need, you’ll soon have your smart online accounting system up and running.

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